Secure Remote Access

Easy and Secure Employee Remote Access to Your Business


Move to the cloud, and embrace mobility and BYOD, with SonicWall SMA. Consolidate access control for hybrid IT, federate identities for single sign-on and deliver anytime, anywhere, any-device access to network, web or cloud applications.

Deliver seamless secure access experience with always-on connection

Check integrity and health profile of the connecting device

Get complete application access control using per-app VPN

Secure Access


High-performance and fast SSL VPN access

Browser-based access

Secure access to your business network from home

Fast and Easy setup for you

Seamless fast and secure connection for your employees

Multi-Factor Authentication so you know your users and your business network is secure

Fast and low cost setup and monitoring

Consolidate Access Management While Moving To The Cloud

Provide secure access to data center, cloud and SaaS resources from a single portal

Enable federated single sign-on (SSO)

Reduce complexity in access management for hybrid IT environments

Secure Access
Secure Access

Deploy In Private Or Public Cloud

Support virtual appliance in private cloud platforms (ESXi or Hyper-V), or in AWS or Microsoft Azure public cloud environments

Deliver system resiliency and service reliability

Simplify and speed provisioning and management

Scale system performance while reducing deployment cost

Secure Access


Integrated with Capture ATP multi-engine sandboxing with patented RTDMI technologies

Prevent malicious files from being uploaded into your network

Protect against DDoS and zombie attacks from compromised endpoints

Enforce stacked multi-factor authentication for added security

Why Fully Managed?

Benefits of Fully Managed IT Services

Peace of Mind

Outsourcing the daily management activities of your IT environment means your efforts can be focused on your core competencies and business goals. As an IT Proactive client, you won’t have to worry about maintaining your IT hardware, managing an on-site data center, or monitoring for potential network/computer issues that could lead to downtime and profit loss; we will take care of all of that for you. In many cases, we will inform you of a problem before you even see it.

Benefits of Fully Managed IT Services

Predictable Monthly Costs

Your accountant will tell you that operational expenses are better than capital expenses. It’s better to spend a predictable flat-rate amount on a service as opposed to an outright purchase, hiring your own staff, or taking a gamble on the pay-by-the-hour repairman. IT Proactive offers a comprehensive flat-rate monthly fee. This allows you to create a simple, easily predicted, yearly budget enabling you to sleep easy knowing you have coverage for all your IT issues.

Benefits of Fully Managed IT Services

Professional Technicians

Companies that handle their own IT in-house have to contend with hiring an expensive employee or dealing with someone who’s just good with computers. Even with an in-house employee you have to worry about training, covering vacation and sick time along with the potential of being overwhelmed by a flood of issues. With IT Proactive, you get the benefit of an entire team of professionals who provide up-to date 24/7 support.

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